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Ed Winters

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Alex Ready

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With a fast growing member base, CoolSexChat.com is the number one place to go online and start your sex chat with naughty people who live in your area. In fact most of our members start seeing some action within a week – two weeks top. So sign up with us today, it only takes a minute and it can bring so much fun into your life…

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Getting laid can take time, and sometimes you just want it right here / right now. Why go out and play the long game when you can just start a naughty chat today from the comfort of your very home? You just need to switch on your computer, dim the lights and get comfortable, and let our site do all the magic for you.


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The thing about dating is that there is always some form of drama. No couple is perfect, no matter what they tell you. But unlike serious couples where you have to stay and work things out, people who come to CoolSexChat.com are less demanding. They just want to have fun, and they are happy to move on as soon as things get to be more-than-casual. What this means is you can do the same, no one is forcing you to stay with them; it’s just sex.


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Having a sex chat online doesn’t require you to follow as many rules as chatting to strangers in nightclubs, that’s a fact. You don’t have to think about the most crazy chat-up lines; after all our members are already here because they want to have some sex fun so that’s half of the job already done.  No need to act frigid, we are all here to have fun; so just relax and let loose of your stresses and tensions.


4 – Who said sex has to be expensive?

Here’s the greatest thing of all: adult chat doesn’t cost near as much as going out to meet people. No need to pay for expensive drinks and overpriced nightclub entry tickets, instead save some of that money for when you actually get together. Dating will always cost something, but you can make the most of your money by spending it on the important things like a nice hotel room for that next hookup.


5 – Less demanding than traditional dating

Romantic meetings often take a lot of resources to put together. It’s not just the money, it’s also the time. You’re not even together yet but it already feels like you’re putting in way too much effort. One of the best aspects of casual dating is that it is easy, you are not expected to be Mr or Mrs Perfect. As long as you can face having some sex chat to start it all, then you’re good to go.