Online sex chat guidelines

#1 – It’s just a bit of fun

Having a naughty chat online is nothing more than a bit of no string attached fun, no-one is here to get hitched for life. You are just two strangers hooking up for a fun time behind you computer screens and webcams, it’s easy and it doesn’t involve commitment. Just sit down, talk dirty to each other and rock each other’s night.


#2 – You can chat more than once

Just because there is little commitment doesn’t mean that you can’t see each other again. In fact the more you chat the better you know each other; the more you know what makes each other tick. Sure it’s not a committed relationship, but why deprive yourselves of each other’s company if you had such good time on your last chat?


#3 – Keep your privacy safe

Because you will be talking to strangers, it is important that you keep your private details away from the camera. Having a sex chat whilst your banking papers are lying down in front of the camera might be giving away too many details about yourself. You get it, just keep things private, discreet and safe.

#4 – Stay respectful

We know how it’s like to get carried away in the heat of the moment, but having an adult chat doesn’t mean being rude to the other person.  Sure you might want to role-play but that’s a different thing altogether. Unless the two of  you have agreed to talk badly to each other; you want to stay polite and pleasant, no need for disrespect.

#5 – It takes two to tango

Basically it’s not just about you but also about providing pleasure for the both of you. So as much as you’re thinking about you needs, take an equal amount of time to ensure your partner’s needs and wants are being met. Remember, their pleasure is your pleasure…


#6 – Diversity is the spice of life

Sure you can find yourself a regular partner for your online chats, but don’t forget that there are many people here who want to have a good time. It would be a shame to miss out on all those potential fun times when they’re all just here for the taking. Hooking up with different people will give you some good experience and will make you more confident than ever.


#7 – Remember, it’s a casual thing

Just one last reminder: it is just for fun, nothing serious. You’ve got the right to enjoy yourself every now and then, you deserve it. Life is stressful so take a break. Just take it as it goes, it’s not about getting married; it’s not about dating. It’s about relieving all that stress in a nice and easy way. So if that sounds like something you want to do, then sign up today and let your no-strings fun begin.